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Skilled Nursing Visits Support a Safe Care Plan at Home

Skilled Nursing Visits from PHS

There are times when a patient may be stable enough to go or remain at home, but still requires professional nursing visits. This may be to treat a specific condition or to ensure they are healing or growing appropriately. When those cases come up, physicians will order skilled nursing visits (SNV). This allows the patient to go home, where they’re most comfortable, but still have a safe care plan that ensures routine follow-up with a registered nurse.

With skilled nursing visits, an RN will come to your home to complete professional nursing tasks. The number of visits depends on the patient’s needs and physician orders.

What Services are Offered Through SNV?

  • Administration of medications, including Synagis
  • Clean and change dressings
  • Check certain vital signs
  • Premature baby check- weight, overall patient health
  • Family education
  • Supply management
  • Other similar nursing procedures as ordered by a physician

Ready to get started? Make sure your physician writes an order for PHS, or contact us to learn more.

SNV Service Area

Skilled nursing visits are offered within a 45 mile radius of Maple Grove, MN, excluding Wisconsin. To see if SNV is available in your area, visit our services page and enter your zip code.


PHS Home Health Agency is a provider of in-home health care for children, families and caregivers. Services in the HHA include skilled nursing and medical social work. All other services offered by PHS are provided independently of the Medicare-Certified HHA.

Originally published: December 13, 2017

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