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Why Do You Donate Blood to Memorial Blood Center?

It’s an amazing statistic – one blood donation can save up to three lives. And that’s three great reasons our employees come back time and time again to the semi-annual blood drive (the snacks came in fourth).

Each year in May and November, Memorial Blood Centers sets up shop in our office and employees sign up to donate blood. Over the years, dozens of employees have participated – some having personal connections with a need for blood donation and others doing it just to contribute where they can. Did you know that within about 10 days, donated blood will have already reached someone in need?

With another PHS blood drive coming up on May 8 (Be The Match will be there doing a marrow registry drive too – did you read our story about Caleb?), we asked staff why they donate. Do you have a personal connection with you or someone close to you needing blood? Share their story in the comments.


Why Do You Donate_4.22.14

Originally published: April 22, 2014