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Chromosomal Abnormalities

PHS Home Care for Patients With Chromosomal Abnormalities

Pediatric home care is what we do. For more than two decades, PHS has provided compassionate, comprehensive, specialized, high quality in-home care to pediatric patients, no matter what their medical challenges.

A multidisciplinary PHS team collaborates to do everything possible to help our patients with chromosomal abnormalities live life to the fullest – at home.

  • PHS respiratory therapistsinfusion nurses, and home care nurses develop a plan of care that meets the individual needs of each PHS patient with chromosomal abnormalities.
  • PHS provides 24/7 on-call assistance to families receiving our service.
  • PHS home care nurses provide scheduled visits or round-the-clock care.
  • A PHS clinical social worker is available to help the family deal with the many issues and concerns that arise with a chromosomal abnormalities diagnosis and provide support in locating additional information, programs, services and community resources specific to a chromosomal abnormalities diagnosis.
  • The PHS medical director attends team care rounds and presents medical updates and new treatment modalities in caring for patients with chromosomal abnormalities.
  • PHS provides medical equipment and supplies needed by a patient with chromosomal abnormalities.

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About Chromosomal Abnormalities

There are many types of chromosomal abnormalities. Genes make up the chromosomes and give each individual his or her own unique characteristics. Chromosomes come in pairs. Each person usually has 46 chromosomes, 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. Sometimes, the chromosome pairs get mixed up, and too many or too few chromosomes may end up together or in different sequences, resulting in a chromosomal abnormality. While parents often think they are responsible for the chromosomal abnormalities, this is usually not the case. Consultation by a geneticist is extremely helpful to review a new diagnosis and in finding avenues of support and follow-up. Chromosomal abnormalities have implications for future pregnancies.

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