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PHS Home Care for Patients With Immunodeficiencies

Pediatric home care is what we do. For more than two decades, PHS has provided compassionate, comprehensive, specialized, high quality in-home care to pediatric patients, no matter what their medical challenges.

A multidisciplinary PHS team collaborates to do everything possible to help our patients with immunodeficiency live life to the fullest – at home.

  • A team of PHS staff makes home visits to administer therapies and provide support. They collaborate to help patients avoid readmission to the hospital and the potential risks associated with clinic visits.
  • PHS provides 24/7 on-call assistance to families receiving our service.
  • PHS respiratory therapists provide high-tech respiratory care at home.
  • PHS home care nurses provide scheduled visits or round-the-clock care.
  • PHS infusion nurses give ordered intravenous medications, including intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) and subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIG) therapy in the home. Patients who have undergone organ transplant surgeries take prescribed medications to suppress their immune system’s reaction to new organs and tissues. Immunosuppression medication is taken to avoid rejection of the donor tissue after the transplant.
  • PHS dietitians specialize in complex pediatric care and work with the team to provide optimal nutrition for PHS patients.
  • PHS pharmacists who understand the special medication needs of the pediatric population can dispense ordered immunoglobulin therapy for patients at home.
  • The PHS medical director attends team care rounds and presents medical updates and new treatment modalities in caring for patients with immunodeficiency.
  • clinical social worker provides support in locating additional information, programs, services and community resources specific to the patient’s diagnosis.
  • PHS provides medical equipment and supplies needed by a patient with immunodeficiency.

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About Immunodeficiencies

The body has its own defense system (immune system) built in to protect it against infection and disease. The body’s immune system makes special proteins (antibodies or immunoglobulins) that protect and defend the body against antigens. Antigens can include harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins, or cancer cells. When an antigen enters the body, antibodies are made to destroy the antigen, and protect the body against injury or disease. Immunodeficiency is a condition that occurs when part of the immune system is not working the way it should or when part of the system does not exist.

Immunodeficiency disorders can be present at birth. Other times immunodeficiency conditions can be acquired as a result of illness, disease, cancer, malnutrition, or medications. Without an intact immune system, the body’s ability to fight disease and infection is threatened. Treatment might include scheduled immunoglobulin replacement therapy.

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